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Post Mounted Banner Pole Systems

The Post Mounted Banner Pole System comprises of a heavy gauge aluminium pole to which the banner is sleeved. From standard to self-tensioning both available with single wire support depending on the circumstances and application.

Standard Basic System

post bracket

The Standard Post Mounted Banner Pole System is ideal for your basic banner system. The system comprises of:

  • 2 off Heavy gauge aluminium 27mm diameter poles, mill finished (silver).
  • 5mm Wall thickness for strength
  • 2 off Electro-plated (silver) bracket/spigot
  • Back-plate designed for use on round lamp columns or similar vertical supports (from 75mm-150mm diameter).
  • Projecting spigot 100mm approx.
  • 2 off Galvanised locking pins.
  • 2 off Plastic collars.
  • 2 off Plastic End Bungs.
  • Fitting instructions included.
  • The banner can be fitted on its own or in pairs.
  • Back-plate fixed by means of banding or our reusable stainless steel Sign-Torque clips.

Maximum recommended banner sizes for above systems

455mm wide x 4.5m drop
610mm wide x 2.5m drop
760mm wide x 1.75m drop
915mm wide x 1.0m drop

To comfortably accommodate the banner pole the loop or pocket stitched into the banner should be no less than 70mm flat.

Self-Tensioning System


The Self-Tensioning System helps to deal with expansion of PVC due to wind and heat.  The 'slap' factor which is a result of wind and heat is alleviated when the Banner is Self-Tensioned.  The banner system is easy to install and adjust.

Banners using this self-tensioning method have to be made in a special way. We will gladly quote you for a blank banner or digitally printed banner or to finish your pre-printed banners to this specification when being fitted to this system. System comprises of all of the below:

  • Standard System items plus:
  • 1 off Stainless steel 12mm rod
  • 2 off Galvanised tensioning hooks
  • 2 off Heavy gauge springs
  • 2 off Nylock nuts

Maximum recommended banner sizes for above systems

455mm wide x 4.5m drop
610mm wide x 2.5m drop
760mm wide x 1.75m drop
915mm wide x 1.0m drop


It is important that a qualified engineer assesses the suitability of all the above structures to withstand the additional wind loading created by the installation of any of these assemblies.


Single Wire Support Kit

post-mount-wire-support-250Making poles stay horizontal gives additional support and adds to the life and better presentation of the banner.

Our Post Mounted Single Wire Support Kit top and bottom comprises:

  • 2 off M10 Eye shield anchor bolts
  • 2 off Carabinas
  • 2 off Thimble Eye Wire with attached welded 'D' ring

Stainless Steel Grip Clip Banding System

Sign Torque

Sign-Torque consists of a high tensile stainless steel band with a special worm driven mechanism. Set in this is a hardened tamper proof screw that only receives a special tool. Choose between the hand held T bar screwdriver or a drill bit for even faster fitting. These torque Bands come in various sizes to fit posts from 55mm - 340mm. Available in packs of 4 with a drill bit in each to fit the following diameter posts:

  • TTK 70 (55 - 70mm)
  • TTK 100 (70 - 100mm)
  • TTK130 (100 - 130mm)
  • TTK 190 (130 - 190mm)
  • TTK250 (190 - 250mm)
  • TTK 340 (250 - 340mm)

sign-torque sign-torquegrip t-bar-srewdriver


White Powder Coated Banner Poles

white-power-coated-lidlAvailable in 3 widths 350, 500 and 750mm for banners up to 1.2 square metres.

Supplied complete with steel banding, aligning screw and cable tie to secure banner.

Made in 32mm dia mild steel which is primed and powder coated.