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Banners and Displays, Covers and Logistics Materials, and Marquees

Digital Print Material

We stock the following Digital Print Material

Digital Material TypeSizes Available

So Flat Frontlit

440gm2 Grey back Roll Up application

914/1070mm x 30m

914/1070/1370/1600/1830/2030/2200mm x 50m

So Flat Blockout - 510gm2 Blockout

914mm x 30m

914/1070/1370/2030/2200mm x 50m

B01-440 Laminated PVC

760/1100/1370/1520/1600/1900/2030/2500/2200/2600mm x 30m

760/1100/1370/2030/2200/2500 x 50m

BW2-550(1018) Semi Coated PVC 1100/1370/1600mm x 30m
BW2-510 Semi Coated PVC

760/1120/1370/1520/1600/1900/2030/2150/2500mm x 30m & 50m

Blow 700 - 700gsm blockout

1370/1600/2030mm x 30m

MESH 1812V - Mesh with liner

1120/1370/1520/1600/2030/2150/2500mm x 30m

Minimum Order 1 roll