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Supply of Artwork

Vector Images – Line Artwork

  1. Artwork can be supplied using Adobe Illustrator up to Version CS5 or Corel Draw to Version X6. Acceptable file formats would be *.ai, *.eps, *.cdr or high res. Pdf. Other line drawn Vector files such as *.wmf may also be compatible. Please note Quark Express files are incompatible.

  1. Mac users should supply an Adobe Illustrator File. This must be saved as Illustrator EPS up to Version 10 and post script level 1 or 2. Select PC compatible.

  1. All Vector files must have their fonts converted to curves

  1. For best results images should be saved at a scale of 1:1 @ 300dpi minimum.

  1. Drawings should generally be created without the use of outlines. If a key line is required around a particular letter or object this should be created by the physical use of a boundary, not merely by the addition of the outline tool. If the outline tool is used please ensure that the line width is scalable. We cannot be responsible for outline widths which do not translate to the correct size if the ‘scale with image' check box is not highlighted.

  1. If your artwork contains both Vector and bitmap forms please supply these in any of the following ways:

  • As separate files one containing the Vector image in curves, with the location of the bitmap marked

  • As a Vector file with the bitmap embedded. Please ensure that the bitmap is embedded in the right format – see below

  • Convert all to a bitmap – see notes below on the supply of bitmap images

Supply of Bitmap Images – Graphic or Photographic Artwork

Artwork can be supplied using Photoshop 6 or Photo Paint 7. Acceptable file formats are *.psd, *.cpt, *.tiff, *.jpeg

Please ensure all files are saved in PC format. We would strongly recommend the use of Tiff files instead of jpegs. Jpegs often result in the loss of detail due to the nature of compression.

Supply of Colour References

  1. If a Vector file is supplied for digital print please supply the Pantone references as uncoated and coated references. Should other colour references or a colour swatch be provided we will endeavour to produce a best possible match. Please note that we cannot match to metallic or fluorescent colours.

  1. For the best results for digitally printed work supplied as a bitmap the file should be saved in a LAB 24bit colour format. If a colour management profile is assigned please indicate which profile this is.

  1. Due to the variation in monitor, printer and software interpretations of colour, a bitmap image where provided, and in particular one supplied in a CMYK or RGB colour format, may show colour variations. In these instances we cannot guarantee a colour match and the result must be accepted unconditionally.

Additional Information

Please ensure all details as to size, orientation, finishing and material specification are provided with the artwork. Any changes to these after work has commenced will be chargeable.

If you are unable to supply print ready artwork we can prepare artwork for you but a minimum fee of £30 will be charged