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Banners and Displays, Covers and Logistics Materials, and Marquees

Military Engineered Fabric

sewn fabricsSpecialist Manufacturers to the Defence Industry for Engineered Fabric.

Covers, Canopies, Marquees and Temporary Structures in Heavy Duty Fabrics.

Fabrics can be:

- Fire, Rot, and Waterproof


- Reinforced

- Any Colour


Fastenings available include:

- Zips

- Twist Lock

- Velcro

- Poppers

- Lift a Dot

Introducing Ri-Flekt

The new wonder textiles with Super Insulation Values

This new improved textile was implemented in the 1991 Gulf War to keep Rapier missile guidance system cool.

It has total IRR properties and is proven to totally block radiant heat loss.  The material has been tested by the University of Bristol using thermographic infrared techniques.

Other applications are:

  • Hypothermia Blankets
  • Undersuits, for divers and working in sub zero temperatures
    Rescue Stretcher Blankets

It is also used in our roll cage covers as used by national supermarket chains.