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Super Suction Pods

Super Suction Pod
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Have you ever wanted to put up a sign that could be removed quickly and easily leaving no trace? Look no it is....the Super Suction Pod.

Complete with its own detachable key, this very versatile sign holder helps you to help customers help themselves.

Just press the pod against a smooth non-porous surface, then turn the locking key 180 degrees. Super suction takes over. Enough for a full-grown person to hang from!

Simple to detach as well. Just insert your key and turn back 180o, allow suction to go, then remove the sign.

Think how useful this will be to your customer. Shutting up shop they can put them inside for protection and they can be moved to different locations inside or out.

Having problems with A frames on the pavement? Problem solved with a Super Suction Pod system!

Need to put a banner on to a listed building or glass building or even a slow moving bus no problem! Put our M8 threaded pod through the appropriate grommet/eyelet, apply washer and nylon nut and attach where you can.

We have a set size of 500mm for the pole length so that they do not, in most instances, require planning permission. We recommend the width of your banner to be 455mm with a drop of no longer than 760mm. Pole diameter is 32mm. Poles with suction pods are not designed to be used top and bottom of your banner.

Made of weather resistant plastic and rubber this simple but very effective sign displayer needs to be invest in one today for your showroom.