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Fibreglass Flagpoles

Classic Fibreglass Flagpoole

New to our range is the 6m Classic Fibreglass Flagpole designed and manufactured in one piece. The tapered pole is 96mm diameter at the base tapering to 65mm diameter at the top. Supplied with white finial, cleat, ground sleeve and halyard. Rotating arm also available.


Architectural Flagpole

These ultra -strong gel coat finished poles are moulded in one-piece making them impervious to all weather conditions.

They come complete with gold finial, rope, internal or external halyard and hinged base plate for that traditional look

Available as 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m or 12m tall

  • 6m – 9m 120mm at base to 65mm at the top.
  • 10m & 12m 140mm at the base to 65mm at the top.