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Flags for All Occasions

When flying your flags you can’t afford to trust to luck so make sure you choose a reliable supplier. Boldscan can offer you Digitally Printed or Screen Printed Flags in 110 gsm Knitted Polyester.

Digitally Printed

flag-2Is the by-word now for producing complex designs and images for individual or low quantity production runs. Printed in vibrant long-lasting colours they can be either mirror image or double sided where we sew 2 prints back to back with a fabric blocker to prevent show through. They can be finished with rope and toggle to fly in the traditional way or with sleeve and eyelets if they are to be mounted on a pole with a 90 degree rotating flag arm.

Screen Printed

Screen Printed is a cost effective way of supplying high volumes in up to 4 colours. Equally as vibrant as digital prints and with all the finishing options available screen printing does however take a little longer with an average lead time of 4 weeks.

Sewn Flags

We can also offer sewn flags for a traditional hand sewn flag using traditional methods with a modern day finish. This method will give you the absolute best quality most durable of flags.

We can offer:

  • Landscape or Portrait Flags
  • Mirror Image or Double Sided Fags
  • Flags for Business
  • Promotional & Advertising Flags
  • Forecourt Flags
  • National Flags

Please send us your artwork and we’ll produce a proof for your approval before we start production.