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Banners and Displays, Covers and Logistics Materials, and Marquees

Marquee Manufacture

Manufacturing marquees has been driven by a need to provide flexible cost effective products.

Our customers have seen the limitations of some of the Party frames on the market.

Through cleverly designed components and modifications we have developed a system that offers the creatively of the Arcadia shopping malls. Our understanding for the need of branding, offering digitally printed marquee covers to offer a bespoke system designed to meet our customer needs.

The system based on a 3m bay system we offer spans from 3m – 10m on a four channel extrusion as standard.

Integrated banner frames, window walls, interior linings are jut some of the options available to you.

We not only build a first class product, we offer a first class delivery, training, spare parts available and installation if required.

You can chose from a completely new product or if budget is a consideration we offer refurbished frames with new covers, still a great product offering real savings.

Call us today and benefit from our innovation, flexibility and bespoke service.